My growing list of questions

Do trees work as a group? Do they take on different functions distributed as if they were “organs”  in the body of a landscape? Tree have a different relationship to DNA encoding. Can DNA be changed or influenced by consciousness ? What makes a transformation of relationship between consciousness and matter? Why would trees be giving indications that attention on this question is important and timely?

Are trees showing us new social structures?What are tree ideas for a new society in relation to individuality and group responsibility, freedom and co-creation?

Can trees help us to develop our capacity for forgiveness and peacemaking?

Can we contact those who have crossed the threshold with the help of trees?

Can trees describe the biography of a place, or the activity in adjacent human structures?

Do trees reflect something of the culture/language/landscape of a particular country? In that sense does an Oak in England have a different kind of inner life than an Oak in Central Park in the USA?

What takes place if a tree that is not native to a certain landscape is planted? Botanical Gardens and their tree activity?

Why do certain tree conversations show a jewel at the base of the tree?