About Elyse Pomeranz

Tree Conversation Workshop Leader

I am willing to create workshops for adults and/or children in tree conversation drawing. I introduce the group to tree conversation work and we have an experience together with trees (that have agreed in advance to participate). These workshops vary from 3 hours long to a full day. I support the participants to do the drawings themselves and then as a group we share our drawings altogether. I am equally comfortable with adults or children and can work with groups that are mixed adults and children.  I have offered this work for individuals and also groups as large as 20 in Thunder Bay, Ontario ( northern shores of Lake Superior), in Philmont, New York , in Central Park, New York, and the Brooklyn  Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn, New York. I have also offered workshops in England, Sweden and at the Human and Fairy Congress in Washington State.


I have worked as a Waldorf Class teacher . I currently am a mentor of teachers. I work with teachers within the Waldorf system and also teachers who work in other systems. I have been involved in Waldorf education since 1994.

I am focusing on ways to bring children into an evolving relationship with the consciousness in Nature.

You can hear  an interview with me on Storytelling in Waldorf schools as part of the project Biology of Story.  https://biologyofstory.com/#/main?entity=elyse-pomeranz


I have developed processes for facilitating that include artistic activity and working out of the experiences ( biography) of the participants. I have educated parents on the topic of child development, I have led conversations to deepen the theme of a conference .


I have worked as a mediator for conflict transformation with adults and children. I’ve trained with Kim Payne in his Social Inclusion method. I’ve brought social processes to my students, faculty,and different communities (e.g. living in large household shared with another family)

I’ve developed artistic processes that can be used to increase the efficiency of the approach to what is known as Restorative Justice.


I have been a student of various crafts and had several small businesses producing one of a kind craft work. This includes knitted wearable art clothing, felted clothing and hangings, (seed) beaded jewelery, collage, printmaking, handmade children’s books, soft scuplture, quilted pillows etc. My work has been part of group shows, individual shows in galleries, shops and private showings in Vancouver, on Hornby Island and in Toronto. Currently I make small one of a kind “elemental” beings. These are featured in a book called ” The Small Book of Miracles” by Amnon Buchbinder.



I have been creating and officiating for celebrations and ceremonies ( baby namings, coming of age, marriage and memorials) for 30 years.

Art Therapist

I have worked with individuals, families and groups using art as a form of therapy. This includes working with biography, relationship, life questions, group dilemnas/issues.  I have been trained in the Anthroposophical approach to Art Therapy at the Arscura School for Living Art which involves working with Goethean phenomenology, metamorphosis and colour theory involving particular qualities associated with particular colours.


I am published in magazines and one anthology of memoirs. I have written plays for my students at all Grade Levels. I wrote healing verses for individual students that I subsequently self-published in small volumes( two volumes so far) called Verses for Children.


I studied Film and Photography at Ryerson Polytechincal Institute ( now Ryerson University) in the 1980’s.  Some of my photographs have been published in the Sun: A Magazine of Ideas . A book called Feasting on Hornby features my photos of handmade kitchens on Hornby Island, British Columbia. I have used photography to support various research projects that I have done over the last 30 years, including the Tree Conversation work.

I draw on my training in image making when I work with Media Literacy. I was part of a group called Media People for Social Responsibility in the 1980’s. I have worked to promote media literacy including creating media fasts in Waldorf Schools to educate parents, faculty and students in the power of media and also the process that lies hidden behind the creation of images.

Motherhood and Family

I have had the privilege of participating in and witnessing the lives of my two sons ages 35 and 30. Serving these two children inspired me to create in the world; communities , educational systems, joyful creativity in relationship and healthy communication processes.  I am grateful for the ongoing learning and deepening of capacity for love, understanding, forgiveness and mutual support that they bring into my life! I have two grandsons one who is 6 years old and the other who is 4 years old.

Global LIfeNet Movement

I was a student in the school of Geomancy in North America created by Marko and Ana Pogacnik 2006-2008. Marko Pogacnik has been named as the UNESCO Artist for Peace for 2016-2018.

I participated in creating the first geopuncture installation in North America at Foxhollow Farm in Kentucky, USA. I organized the creation and installation of the first geopuncture installation in Canada in Thornhill at the Toronto Waldorf School in October 2011.



Creating the new morphogenetic field of the earth and humanity by meditating together on specific themes.

Cooperating with the elemental world and with the spiritual realms through geomantic work on places , in homes, in cities and landscapes.

Working on awakening public awareness of earth’s pluridimensionality and the holistic approach to life.

Holding personally the point of peace within one’s inner centre and be grounded in any possible situation to occur during the earth’s transformation process.


Creating geopuncture circles world wide, Land Art, Storytelling etc


Information exchange, web-site, creative meetings

I am an active member of this international group with members in Europe, North America , South America, The Middle East and just beginning in Asia. The tree conversation work has developed out of this global work with the consciousness of the Earth and the aspect of art as a form of connecting and collaborating with the beings of the Earth.