Ancient Trees 3000-5000 years old. For Human and Fairy Congress folks.

I have sat with several truly ancient tree beings who have lived on the earth through the deepest transformations of Earth evolution and human consciousness. One, the Cypress planted by the Yellow Emperor in China revealed a message to me that I was only able to understand over a year later. The other two trees I will show on this page are the Anckerwycke Yew tree near Wraysbury, England that I was able to meet with several times between first in 2014, then 2015 and then in 2017. This is the tree under which the Magna Carta 800 years ago. This tree indicated that I was to find a way to record the develoment of the Tree Conversation drawings as they emerge. I’m glad to say I will be finishing a short film in the next months that fulfills that promise finally ( 7 years later!). The most significant ancient tree that I have a deep connection with is the Dyffenog Yew tree in Wales. I first met this tree in 2015 and spent a few days together in 2017. This relationship deepened my sense of the need to continue to develop this work of communication/conversation between human consciousness and tree consciousness. Many new themes presented themselves to me since I was taken on a student of this remarkable being.

Cypress Yellow Emperor’s Tomb, China ( 5000 year old tree) August 15 2015

When approaching this tree to ask permission to enter into conversation I was stung by a wasp. I asked the tree if this was a rejection of my invitation. The tree simply asked ” Are you willing to work while in pain? We are in pain.” I humbly agreed to work regardless of the pain. I sat as near to the trunk as I was allowed and there was a flood of people photographing me etc but I stayed deeply focused on the exchange. Six months later when I returned to China to teach again I was greeted by thousands of Chinese New Year lanterns hanging everywhere. I asked my host the meaning of these groups of 6 red lanterns hanging in formation of 3 in one row next to another row of 3. I was told this represented health and good fortune, everything in wholesome balance. That’s when I gasped and understood the drawing with the Yellow Emperor’s Cypress tree. He was showing me that these perfect red globes are torn open and leaking, no longer perfectly whole and round. In China I learned there is a lot of GMO research into altering trees and fields and fields of these mutated trees growing in large nurseries. This 5000 year old tree experienced this as pain. This one tree was growing with 1000 thousand year old Cypress trees nearby. I worked with several of these before approaching this master tree!!!

August 20 2014 Anckerwycke Yew tree, Wraysbury, England, The Magna Carta was signed under this tree: A group of us went and the tree shared an imagination of a new social agreement

These two drawings were the last ones I have done with the Anckerwycke Yew who was showing an imagination first of a seed for the future of human society where we make agreements based on Images/Imagination at the centre. This last drawing was the tree showing me the face of the Tree Spirit of this wonderful tree.These drawings were both co created in August 22 2017.

Dyffenog Yew. August 5 2017. Imagination of Human capacity of Thinking
Dyffenog Yew: August 5 2017. Imagination of Human Feeling. Social Impulse.
Dyffenog Yew: August 5 2017. Imagination for Human Willing

These three drawings were created in parallel developing them together as a triptych . I was asking for inspiration and support to understand how the Tree Conversation research can support our human development in relation to our Thinking, Feeling and Willing. There were some other drawings I made during the several days I spent on that visit with this tree. Really , I could spend months just with this one tree.

I hope that this offers some kind of sense of the vast/deep and magnicent capacity of these beings. I, am not able to truly capture anything like a full sense of them, due to my own limited evolution. With their help and loving guidance I am learning and growing.