Do You Make Your Living Doing this?

I returned to this willow tree May 2015. Sitting with a friend and author we spoke about Shakespeare’s the Tempest. Freeing Ariel, a spirit trapped in a tree! And also she introduced me to a book by Iain McGilchrist called the Master and his Emissary. This is a turning point for me to examine the duality of left and right hemispheres. I see now that the tree drawings work to bridge these two polarized aspects of human experience. The rational, answer based, known, linear, information based aspect and the cyclical, holistic, question based, artistic aspect! In these two drawings I see geometry, mathematical imagery and there are also two circles intersecting ( the vessica piscis or mandorla a sacred image for the third principle that balances and relates the polarities of left and right!)



June 15 2014

I was living in the house of a dear friend. My life was in transition and I was grateful to have a place to be during the harsh winter months. Also living occasionally in the same house was a gentleman, a retired professor of Physics. As we both went about our daily lives our paths crossed and conversations took place. It was interesting and lively. Eventually, after about five months having established a friendship he asked to see my tree conversations.

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