Reading a Tree Conversation: Josephine Porter Institute

I began a two year part time training in biodynamic beekeeping at Spikenard Honeybee sanctuary soon after I had completed these first tree conversations. The training was held outside of Floyd, Virginia, USA. Nearby was the Josephine Porter Institute a well established  farm researching and producing  biodynamic preparations used in biodynamic agriculture. One lunch hour I drove at breakneck speed along the winding roads through the foothills of the Blue Mountains. I arrived  breathless and hastily  looked over all of the treasures for sale.

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The First Conversation with Trees using Art : I meet the first two of the four sisters

To be honest, I can’t remember the first thought, the moment I noticed the impulse or felt the call to research.

I do remember that one beautiful late summer day in 2011. I had unstructured time and I went outside with a large watercolour pad and my Inktense pencils. The Inktense pencils have a unique combination of qualities. They are portable. All that is needed is a bit of water and a brush. The pencil marks dissolve into vibrant inks that are permanent when dry. Once dry, I can go back onto the page and add more. This could go on indefinitely layering the transparent colour creating a luminous rich deep array of colours.

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