Toronto : The Red Oak : How much we’ve both grown in 46 years!

September 2015

I was invited to lead a workshop by the  Toronto branch of the Anthroposophical society . I asked the Trees in Queen’s Park permission to bring my group to them. This is the report written by one of the organizers Grant Davis. I have been returning to the trees there and will scan and post those conversations in the near future.

Report by participant Grant Davis

On Saturday, June 7 2015, Elyse Pomeranz presented a workshop in Queens Park to a group of Branch members and friends. The event was organized with the support of Vivien Carrady. We were a cheery group of about a dozen including a child who likes to sing to trees, some adults who already have connections to trees , and some for whom this was quite new. Following a round of introductions, with Elyse’s direction, we split into smaller groups around three of the oldest trees in Queen’s Park. I led my group through David Spangler’s Standing Meditation as a warm up as it seemed very related. The groups then greeted the trees , following Elyse’s recommendation that we do this with our backs to them. Then , as we sat there, using the paper, paint sticks and water pens, we allowed images to come to us.

My experience was an immediate response from the tree. “Look down, below the ground. Turn your Standing message into UNDERstanding!” I received the impression of a large area of interest below the trunk (UNDER ground) and extending in all directions. I started to draw a person with branching hands and feet. Then I turned it 180 degrees and drew the ground level. The tree has its head in the ground! Steiner told us this and now the tree was telling me too.

This this space underground there is activity and communication. It became clearer during our gathering at the end where we shared our pictures and experiences. A slip of the tongue by another participant who said “soil” when she meant to say “soul” lead me to the realization that the soil ( underground) may be the area where the (group) souls of the trees are active. I was also pointed to a struggling little sapling that I now hold in my thoughts each morning. I hope to see some healthy growth when I next visit it.

This was quite an enriching experience for this “tree hugger” and I think for many of the participants. Thank you Elyse!



20150415-pomeranz_0720150415-pomeranz_02The face is the personality of the Red Oak and the drawing of the vertical column shows the function of the tree in the landscape.
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