My beloved Brunswick Plane: Questions and answers

September 2015

I had the opportunity while in London this summer to visit my beloved friend the Brunsick Plane in Brunswick Square.


I was able to return quite often to visit the plane tree in Brunswick Square (Time Out: The Great Trees of London pp24-28) which was just two blocks away from the apartment I rented for May 2014.I visited many times either with my sweetheart, once with a good friend from Sweden who was visiting and also by myself.Read more

Corram’s Fields and the Brunswick Plane: The Story of Love and Friendship


I was on my way to Brockwell Park in London, where inside a walled garden in a public park ( where but in London would you find a walled garden inside a public park?) was a teaching apiary. It was possible to observe the beekeepers and the hives through a plexiglass barrier. One beekeeper, the master beekeeper was demonstrating procedures to apprentice beekeepers. I was watching carefully, a bit astonished, never having seen people in suits opening hives and handling them so brusquely. I had been trained and worked with hives without using a beesuit.Read more