Parsifal: The Grail spring: Linden tree: A local festival in Studenice, Slovenia

I had joined a remarkable group of people from all over Europe for a day in Slovenia near the medieval town of Ptuj. There was a week long conference taking place based on the theme of the Parsifal legend. The story was being recited every day in English, German and Slovenian. I heard some of it told as I participated in two days of the weeklong event. On one of the days we were taken to  places where some believe Parsifal travelled. In Studenice, nestled in the mountains and valleys past storks roosting on the top of posts by the road we came to the Abbey, the spring and the castle ruins. Time contracted and expanded. I had to choose where to give my attention. What would I open myself to and what give up? Read more

A New Tree Civilization

In March 2011 – I was with a group of 25 people working with Marko Pogacnik in Manhattan for a week. The work was focused on encounters with great spiritual presences – the Hierarchies . We had been a group studying together, meeting every few months over two years in different locations in the USA. Some locations were urban, some rural, some wilderness and we were learning ways to perceive and communicate with the non sense-perceptible aspects of the varied landscapes .

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