Avebury: The Four Copper Beech trees, inspiration for Tolkien’s Ents: And a crop circle




The LifeNet conference (International organization working with geomancy globally) travelling group in the summer of 2012 stopped in Avebury, England. Slightly breathless a woman who was new to our group asked me if I’d met the four copper beech trees just on the other side of the ridge? At that point there was one hour before the group bus was scheduled to pull away. I walked quickly along the ridge arriving at the group of four ancient copper beech trees- they formed an enclosure with an earthen floor and undulating root mass and a roof made of a generous canopy of leaves. I wondered which of the four to rest my back upon. I chose one and set up my pencils and little container with water. I introduced myself to this venerable tree with sincere apologies for the limited amount of time I had to be there and asked permission “in spite” of that to enter in and have “conversation”. There was a pause, during which I had the sense that there was consideration of this request .Read more