Tree Shepherds! An excerpt from “Thoughts that Shine like Stars” by Verena Stael von Holstein

Cedar , Helliwell Park, Hornby Island, British Columbia, October 17 2015
Cedar , Helliwell Park, Hornby Island, British Columbia, October 17 2015 This may be an image of the hand of a “Tree Shepherd”

I have not completed the typing out of this excerpt but it might be of interest so I am publishing as is. I will finish it when the book is returned to me ( I loaned it out!)



Crown: Hello, human.

WW: I’m delighted that we are able to speak with one another.

Crown: It is desired.

WW: Your name is Crown. Did you give yourself this name?

Crown: Yes and no. My name is really much longer , and more multi-dimensional. But the shortened form of this name can be used by you humans.


WW: What tasks do you have?

Crown: I am a tree shepherd and as a result am responsible for co-ordinating the migrations of trees. Trees migrate even if that seems odd to you humans. But this is because you only live for such a short time. To us tree shepherds you only live as long as the mayflies do for you. My last major task was after the retreat of the glaciers-in agreement with the glacier shepherds-to be in charge of reforestation. I told the Green Ones, the trees and the forest beings how, where to and when they had to migrate. My sphere of activity is the whole catchment area of the River Elbe, from the North Sea-Denmark belongs here as well-to the Sudeten Mountains.

WW: How old are you?

Crown: That wouldn’t make much sense in your words, in any case several tens of thousands of years. I was working with trees even before the Ice Age. Time, as you think of it, makes little sense to the tree shepherds.

WW:How many tree shepherds are there in the world?

Crown: That changes. This is dependent for example , on the degree of deforestation in the Amazon. At present there are roughly 12,000 tree shepherds on the Earth. Through deforestation, through the spreading of barren areas and deserts, more and more tree shepherds are withdrawing because there is no longer any work for them. The regions are being are being altered and the desert shepherds are taking over command.

WW:Where do the tree shepherds withdraw to when they no longer have any work?

Crown: Into etheric existence. They become an energy existing in the etheric.

WW: Is there a supreme tree shepherd on the Earth?

Crown:Yes and no. It’s a being from the hierarchies belonging to the Powers.

WW: Do you tree shepherds speak with one another? Do you have meetings or do you decide in your respective regions for yourselves?

Crown: We speak with one another and we are with one another. Up until now it wasn’t speaking in the sense of words. We’re only just learning that now through the conversations with you. We are expressions of the angels-I cannot put it any other way with English words-and are now ourselves becoming words.


WW: What’s it like for you when trees from foreign parts are planted here in this region?

Crown: Difficult, but not as difficult as for the forests. Trees from other regions are brought by humans partly unknowingly. Eucalyptus plantations are truly terrible because they really hurt us. In such a case I have to arrange compensatory measures. I then order certain trees to come up somewhere in the woods. It’s very difficult for us when you plan such trees. You don’t know what you’re doing. You have to act globally but do you also have to do it with the trees? And when you do it with trees why don’t you explain it to the woods? Please talk with us!


WW: In the past there was much more woodland here in Northern Europe. Up to the present, what has been altered by the fact that these woods have been chopped down?

Crown: If the forests are gone, either the humans or the desert come. These two alternatives exist. Grass came as well sometimes, but for grass the time is over if you humans don’t regain an understanding for it. The forests will return-soon, in my sense of the word.

WW: What was different for the countryside earlier on when it was still covered by forest?

Crown: To a certain extent the land was unconscious, it was not seen. It lived its life, we worked away, the trees were there and died, the trees came back again and died again etc. The trees were not seen and as a result had no spiritual presence. Trees have no consciousness, only an awareness through the tree nymphs for example. And when trees are seen by a conscious being, for example by a human, they are changed. It was easier for us to shape things when humans were not there. We weren’t able at that time to develop the spirit yet. At present, spirit depends on humans. Christ became human and as a result the spirit is connected with the human being,- Is the spirit evolving towards good or evil? Can you answer this question for me?

WW: Both are possible for human beings.

Crown: That’s your freedom again! How will you humans use it?

WW: I hope that humans will use it for good.

Crown: That would be nice!

WW: Would it be good for you tree shepherds if someone created a cultivated landscape together with you?

Crown: Yes. It would be a landscape created with consciousness and with awareness. But you would have to leave room for us. Give us spaces in which we can heal. Unfortunately , there’s no stopping a part of humanity and this part of humanity will just destroy. That’s why we need places of healing. And having humans in and at these places will only disturb.

WW: What are places of healing? Untouched woodland?

Crown: Yes. River valleys as well. If you leave a river valley untouched nothing new will be created but healing can take place there. Sick animals are best kept in a darkened stable: there they are together with use the Great Animal Spirit. Plants and trees ought to be treated in a similar way. Human consciousness at places of healing will only be a disturbance and more likely even a factor in inducing illness.


WW: Could you name just one example of how you restore the balance in a healing way when humans clear forests in an unbalanced way? How do you compensate for this by distributing other trees?

Crown: I’ll give a different example. At present, the bees are having problems because of the wet weather. They have too few nectar sources at the moment. In such a case I motivate the lime trees all over Europe to form lots of shoots, because lime trees are a source of nectar for bees at the height of summer.

Many horse chestnut trees are sick as well at present from the chestnut blight. I then motivate the rowan trees and when the rowan trees come they will heal the chestnut trees.

WW: Astonishing.

Crown: No, that’s natural. I spread the seeds of the rowan by the wind and the birds. The birds understand a lot about these interrelationships and are easy to motivate.


WW: What happens etherically to the Earth when a large forest is cleared?

Crown: Death and despair arise; a form of life disappears. When a forest is cleared, first despair arises. Despair-which is also a being-squats there. We then have to see what more can be done. Sometimes there are good reasons to clear a forest. If a forest is cleared for reasons of greed for profit, the region will be cold. Depending on the motivation of the humans involved, the corresponding beings will move into the cleared space. If it’s greed for profit, cold and grey beings will move in.

WW: What is the effect of these beings on the region and on the people?

Crown: These are Ahrimanic beings and they have a chilling and hardening sclerotic influence, killing the spirit.