Gallery Black Walnut Trees , Richmond Hill

These are drawings done in conversation with Black Walnut trees in the Richmond Hill area. Some are done over time with one tree that is in my backyard. Other drawings are with trees in the area. I was puzzled one day by a particular image from my backyard Black Walnut friend. Then within a week there were machines taking down trees and removing a house on the property adjacent to where I am living. The tree was showing me that it was disturbed ( in advance!) of this event.


June 14 2016 Black Walnut 59 Arnold Cres. Richmond Hill Tree in my backyard. I thought I was making a card for Simon’s birthday but realized later that the tree was warning me that trees nearby were about to be cut down! Birds in distress as well.











Same tree in different encounters:

Black Walnut in my backyard. Good Friday. The trees are waking up. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada








Black Walnut in my backyard, Richmond Hill, Canada April 7 2015









These are Black Walnut trees from the neighbourhood. One conversation each.







There are others as well but not yet uploaded in my library! To be continued. This gives a little sense of the “being” of the Black Walnut!