Galleries: Toronto, Canada: High Park, Toronto Waldorf School, Queen’s Park

This willow tree located in High Park in Toronto ( near a stream close to the entrance to the zoo) seems to indicate a connection to some kind of geometrical/mathematical principle. I visited it twice with a year in between visits. The second time a good friend ( an author) sat with me and sketched ( her drawing not shown). She told me about a book called The Master and His Emissary by Iain McGilchrist.


These trees are on the Toronto Waldorf school property. I asked the Guardian Oak questions about the conflict in the community. It showed this drawing and reminded me that if you cut down an old oak tree it takes time for a new one to grow. A 200 year old oak takes 200 years to grow. It begged me to ask that any new “trees” be planted in the “soil of forgiveness”. I was asked by a Grade 11 student to meet him ( with his sister and mother) at a favourite climbing tree on the property. The four of us sat with the tree and our images were connected in striking ways ( I only have my own drawing recorded). I also asked another pine on the edge of the forest where the children play, to show me something about the  state of the community and the third drawing was the result. There is a lot pouring down from above…perhaps the community can look up instead of looking  down?