Galleries: Dyer’s Bay, Ontario, Canada and Macinaw Island, Michigan, USA

The landscape here has unique qualities. Limestone cliffs, white cedar growing without soil, water that is from the far North ( via Georgian Bay). Manitoulin island nearby is known by Native people to be sacred.

I have discovered that many of these cedar trees are between 800 and 1100 years old. I had the experience of being shown how each tree growing out of the rock was like a hair on the scalp of Gaia! That was my first inkling that there is a large group of trees over a large area working together. I hope to return in the spring of 2016 to find more of these ancient trees and deepen my work and questioning with them. To be continued.



Work with Marko Pogacnik May 2015 Harbor Springs, Lake Michigan. We worked on Macinaw Island. Important encounter with black dock worker. I asked what the American dream meant to him. He said “Freedom from harm.”.

The trees and limestone features reminded me of Dyer’s Bay and the Bruce Trail in Ontario. Looking on a map they are actually part of the same geography . The national border obstructs a natural continuation between Manitoulin Island and Macinaw Island.