Magog at Glastonbury and Yew at Chalice Well

The Lifenet group that I was travelling with stopped in Glastonbury for a few hours. We were allowed time to choose where we felt guided to go. I set off decisively in search of a 2000 year old oak whose name was MAGOG . I was told it was not difficult to find so I set off in what seemed like the right direction. My route took me past the Chalice Well Gardens and I decided to go in, to drink some water ( making return a possibility) and to have my modest lunch before heading further to meet with the great and ancient tree being, hopefully.

When I entered the gardens I read a sign that surprised me. It stated clearly that no rituals or ceremonies of any kind were to be performed in the garden or near the well without permission. I had the thought-awakened to the possibility that too much ritual could become harmful-anything taken to an extreme!!

As I walked in towards the well I came upon several trees. I believe they were YEW trees. One in DSC_1351particular invited me into conversation so I settled in and opened myself to listen. A great warmth entered my entire being. I felt a kind of curtain part, preparing for a kind of presentation. I was led into an of inner womblike space. There I was shown how I could be free of hereditary ties through my DNA. This was also possible for me to achieve for my two sons-that they be freed from any unresolved burdens that are , as of yet, not released. I wept and embraced the tree , giving thanks and proceeded on to the well to drink of the sweet crystalline waters. I felt rested and ready to find this ancient oak named MAGOG and I walked energetically out of the enclosure of the gardens. I

had difficulty aligning the map with land marks and roads around me. From time to time I felt a little chuckle was reverberating from far off…would I find this tree and have enough time for an encounter before having to return to the group? I went up and down lanes, trudged through muddy steeply inclined fields…every few minutes quieting my mind and asking the tree to draw me into its embrace. After going in what felt like a huge loop I bumped into another little troop of explorers from my Lifenet group. They didn’t seem to know exactly where the tree would be eitherPomeranz_040_z65HpGmnEtch_v2_test. Go this way, they pointed to their left, or that way , they pointed in the exact opposite direction, to the right. I can’t remember which way I went. I am happy to say that I did finally arrive at MAGOG and was stilled and silenced to just look at the exterior appearance of this ancient being. It was gnarled-lumpy and strangely shaped.

There was no canopy exactly, yes, there were living branches with leaves. There was something like an opening almost a mouth leading to an interior space that was two thirds up from the roots. I went inward and the encounter that followed was humbling. It was unlike most other tree encounters to date, with the exception of the meeting with the 1,000 year old oaktree in the Trollforest in Sweden. I felt a great presence of something divine, cosmic not with any earthly substance. I am inclined to call it the Christ presence. Warmth and radiant light. Very simple. I felt the part of the tree that WAS substance had been in some way heightened, in the direction of petrified wood in the US, or like a clear diamond.

It was, perhaps, a knower or a friend of THE TREE OF LIFE. After too little time I felt I needed to begin my walk back to the group as it had taken me a good part of an hour to get from where the group was to here. I walked away. It became very clear that I had not fulfilled the VERY important work of leaving a gift for this distinguished tree. Ashamed I quickly turned and went back. Reaching into my backpack I took out my little leather case where I carry powerful stones and crystals and other treasures.

I selected several items and tossed them into the mouthlike opening. I felt I heard a kind of gulp each time as if a delicacy was being enjoyed. Satisfied I had given the proper gifts I began the long walk back to the cathedral ruins and my fellow geomancers.

Elyse with Yew in Glastonbury, July 2012, Chalice Well
Yew at Glastonbury, Chalice Well July 2012 Freedom from DNA Hereditary!
Conversation with Yew in Glastonbury, Chalice Well, July 2012

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