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Consciuos Beings flyer1 revised

I am delighted to announce an upcoming workshop.

Conscious Beings flyer1


Trees are members of the plant kingdom and as human beings in a rational world we do not expect trees to be conscious, let alone to be able to convey thoughts and meaning to human beings. I have now about 300 drawings recording my research of communication with trees. This non verbal encounter reveals a presence and communicative consciousness that I am calling a tree conversation.

I began this research five years ago . I developed a process that includes making a coloured ink drawing created during the tree conversation.

This website contains:

Many of the drawings (I am adding drawings regularly).

Some short articles describing specific experiences with specific trees (I will build this up over time).

A world map showing the locations of the trees involved in these encounters.

A bibliography of books that I find valuable.

Several entries describing the philosophy behind this work.

A list of the work/ workshops I am offering.

An audio interview from the Guardian Nature Spirits Telesummit broadcast April 2, 2015.

I was part of a webinar program with 23 other people around the world who are working with varied forms of consciousness within the natural world. If you are interested in this conference you can purchase downloads for all of the interviews at